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BIO 簡介

le Jeu means The Game!

The Dames - is a girl group and of Eman 伊汶's attempt to create an Asian spin-off to their predecessors, The Pussycat Dolls. However, due to their unique musical influences, they are branded as the "modern" version of the Spice Girls. 

With le Jeu's 14+ years in development, The Dames isn't your stereotypical girl group. Reflecting music's increasingly global reach, each member of this talented quintet can both sing and dance. 
Beyond this multicultural twist, The Dames break the industry's cookie-cutter mold with an edgy, left-of-center mix of pop, rock, R&B and
hip-hop. The Dames is already generating buzz in the clubs...


le Jeu 在法文釋意為「遊戲」。

The Dames 是一個女子唱作組合,也是伊汶試圖為其前輩 The Pussycat Dolls 創出的一個亞洲全女班的嘗試。然而,由於其獨特的音樂影響,它們被稱為 Spice Girls 的“現代”版本。

隨著 le Jeu 十多年的發展,The Dames 的音樂越來越全球化,這個才華洋溢的五重奏每個成員都可以唱歌丶作曲和跳舞。
除了這種多元化的創新風格外,The Dames 打破了普通流行,搖滾,
R&B 和 Hip Hop的風格。

The Dames 正在全球最頂級的俱樂部巡演...

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